Nzo Annual Report to Stakeholders

Nzo Annual Report to Stakeholders


2020 is almost over. That is a sentence I quite enjoyed typing.

We can finally reveal what we have been up to for the last few months, and what we have planned for 2021 and beyond.

This year was weird for almost everybody, us included. We had good supplies of product, at a level of quality we were very happy to offer. Sales were great. 

Then the worldwide catastrophe of COVID-19 struck. 

Sales became really great.

We sold more stuff, a lot more quickly than we expected to (thanks). Not far into the fiasco, we discovered that our method to market (getting stuff to your letterbox) had fallen apart.

After 4 excellent years in Hong Kong, sending products to all points of the compass quite efficiently, we found the only way to get delivery right was to use a very costly courier service.

We couldn’t sustain that, so we started working on changing things. Like everything in 2020, that took longer than we would have liked.

Several things are happening at once: 

We have re-opened the webstore. We have a very select range of Limited Edition products right now.

The products from the warehouse in Hong Kong are on a slow boat from China. It was due to arrive around now, but we just learned it will arrive on January 12. Or not. There is a queue of ships waiting to dock, and we have our fingers crossed.

The products that really float our boat are in production, and will be ready in late January. 

We have some new stuff in the pipeline. 

The first to land is in that slow boat - Zip-off Dusters.

We took the extremely popular Dusters (loaded on the site so you can read the reviews… they’re sold out but we have some more on the way) and added zip-off lower legs. We supply two sets of lowers in the pack - one pair in a street width, the other in a tapered width with an elasticated cuff. 

We think these things will be great value and a good thing to have along on any adventure. 

Have a safe and happy festive season, more from us soon!

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