How to Measure Yourself


Measure yourself:

• Measure yourself in your underwear

• Keep tape measure firm, but not super tight

• It may help to get somebody else to measure you!

CHEST/BUST With arms at sides, measure around your body, under your armpits and over the fullest part of your chest and shoulder blades, keeping line of measurement parallel with the floor.

WAIST Measure around normal pants waistband position for you.

HIPS Measure around the biggest part of your hips. That will be about 20cm below your waist.

Measure a favourite garment:

A double check, or if you don't have a tape measure but you do have a long ruler, you can measure a favourite garment that fits how you like. Lay it flat on the table, and measure the places shown in the diagram. Compare to the specs we provide in the size charts.