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247s - the only pants you'll ever need - unisex

247s - the only pants you'll ever need - unisex

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247s are the only trail pants you will ever need. Developed under the working title of "Slim Dusters", we have taken the best features of our ever-popular Sifters, the very successful Dusters, and even a little hint of Zip-Off Dusters to create a product we are very proud to offer.

Slim enough in the lower leg to be absolutely bike-friendly, loose fitting enough around the knee to allow pads to go underneath, and styled generally to make the product as useful for everyday life as it is for adventuring.

The completely secure but easy to adjust waist system the product shares with Sifters is an Nzo standard. Pull tabs on both sides double back through D-Rings so that the velcro holding them in place is pulling sideways - they will not come loose. But halfway through a six-hour epic, grab the tabs, peel the velcro, tug them back, and re-secure. Or, if you just ate something big because you deserved it, do the reverse.

The two hand pockets and two zip pockets are an Nzo signature that called 'perfect'. We concur... Gaz carries his multimillion dollar phone in the open hand pocket and even though he is upside down more often than he would like to admit, the phone stays in place.

A crotch gusset keeps the nether region moving freely and the small elasticated rib ankle gussets make slipping the cuffs over your feet easy,

We've had a sample pair on high rotation for six months and they are our favourite thing to ride in if we feel like wearing longs. We have completed some big trail rides in these pants, they are absolute luxury.

You are going to love them!

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