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Nzo Active

Nzo Gravelator Dark Blue

Nzo Gravelator Dark Blue

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We hesitate to call this top anything gravelly, after writing stuff like this.

But the reality is that big days out roaming around on any kind of bike with no fixed idea of where to go and what sort of surface that might include is what this top was designed for. Great for mountain biking, bikepacking, exploration, road rambling.

The Gravelator has all the things you need in a utilitarian top:
• a relaxed fit
• 3 open pockets
• 1 zip pocket
• a thing called a 'China Collar' - that is not a reflection of where it's made, it refers to a collar that is generous at the back neck but tapers to nothing at the front zip. Topstitched to keep it flat on your neck.
• Longer than normal sleeves
• A very bright diagonal stripe pattern on the right back pocket to make you visible if your wanderings take you on to a trafficky road.

And the Gravelator has none of the things you don't need:
• No waist elastic
• No elastic or anything else constrictive around the sleeves
• No lairy graphics


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